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Creatively French Coaching Sessions

What is Creatively French Coaching you might ask? In a few words, it means using the learning process of the French language as mean to dive deeper into your creative process, and at the same time strengthen your authentic, joyful, and curious self.


In my coaching sessions our conversations may go from the delightfully funny to the very deep — en français bien sûr, and with a hint of English when necessary. We organically unearth together what brings you joy and how your creativity manifests in the world. When blocks and challenges arise we use tools such as imagery, Psychosynthesis, drawing, movement, etc. to connect deeper and expand your clarity, awareness and understanding of the issue in a somatic way. Also, a very important part of our sessions, in addition to fun and laughter, is of course that mysterious ingredient that makes people blossom. 


You might think that those are easier things to do in your mother tongue, but no! Not really. The French language makes your brain work in ways your native tongue simply cannot. It allows you to understand and see things in a completely different way, and to connect to otherwise unexplored parts of your brain. The French language and your curiosity naturally opens the door to what you would never find otherwise... the most hidden and life-changing resources and inspiration that only your French self can discover.

• Connect with your creativity and intuition

• Expand your state of presence and awareness
• Define your thoughts, ideas and intentions with clarity
• Give voice to all aspects of yourself

• Establish a practice of curiosity and expansion

• Solidify your relationship with your inner compass

• Cultivate the plasticity of your brain

• Integrate French, joy and creativity in your everyday life

• And blossom into so much more...

In addition to regular French lessons you learn to...

à bientôt !

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Modalities used in our coaching sessions are:

Clinical Meditation and Imagery (CMI), Psychosynthesis, Mindful Awareness, Creative Writing, Drawing, Expressive Movement, and Tarot Cards


Creatively French Coaching Package: 

Five 50-minute sessions: $875 
Sessions offered in person, by phone and with Skype or FaceTime

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