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Je m'appelle Claude Convers and, for the past 20 years, I have been a coach and teacher specializing in increasing joy, curiosity and creativity through the French language. ​Originally from the French part of Switzerland, I never was talented for languages, not even French — at school, one of my German teachers even labeled me as a "catastrophe"... as you can imagine, it didn't help my dyslexia, my self-esteem nor my desire to learn. So, it was to everybody's surprise that, as an adult, I learned to speak German and English fluently, and more so… began to teach French.


Prior to teaching I had a long international career in graphic design but, eventually, it became evident that a change was needed. My personal learning and creative process had started to deepen in the mid-90s through the visual art, poetry, and various styles of dance and expressive movement. Those and my studies in meditation, clinical imagery, yoga, holistic health, reiki and Psychosynthesis have deeply informed my work. Out of my difficulties and experience with learning languages, I developed a methodology focusing on conversation and creative writing, en français bien sûr, to reflect natural life's interaction and allow for expansion, curiosity, ease, authenticity and fun.

After Berlin, New York City, Upstate NY, Colorado and Santa Fe, NM, I have been based, for the past decade, in Oakland, CA. In my free time I continue to explore and expand my life through art, dance, writing, yoga as well as by spending time in nature, cooking, and nurturing my friendships. As for my own inner blossoming, I keep on traveling the small and big roads of this beautiful world, secretly thinking of learning a fourth language.

à bientôt !

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