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Blossoming into French

A retreat to learn, explore and nurture your French creative self

A retreat at Chateau Dumas, an original French castle just an hour north of Toulouse, is like a dream come true — a very special time to remember and cherish for the rest of your lives. 

Imagine yourself, meandering in the estate, resting under a tree or by the swimming pool, or lounging in one of the Chateau's many inspiring rooms to immerse yourself in your French world. Taking the time to be carried by the sounds of nature and the view of a land one can paint with words, or by an engaging conversation around a table full of delightful food and people. Imagine relaxing and being nourished by the history of the place and the land while naturally, and sometimes when lucky, effortlessly, thinking, speaking and living in French...

During our retreat, while we'll meet for our French sessions on a daily basis to connect, speak, write, explore, share and expand into the beautiful French language, you'll have this unique environment to support, inspire and nurture your creative self. You'll also have access to the studio if the desire to make art arises. In addition to our group sessions, French conversations and time for individual study and writing, you'll have a dedicated individual time with Claude for a one-on-one French conversation. For those who love to eat and/or cook delicious food, we are planning a French Q&A with the cook, because his food is beyond incredible. Also, Lizzie, the owner of the Chateau, will bring you to laugh and leave you inspired with all her stories !

Beside your daily meals, group sessions, writing and relaxing time at the Chateau, you will also have the chance to visit and soak in the atmospheric Sunday morning farmers market in the medieval town of St Antonin-Noble-Val, the film site of The Hundred-Foot Journey, and a 3-course dinner at one of the finest regional restaurants, Les Sens in Puylaroque. Be ready, you'll be given prompts to stimulate your French in action and your creativity during those outings :-)

The entire
experience, including
the 2 market visits and
the special out-of-town dinner,
were overwhelmingly
and unquestionably perfect!
I would do it all again
in a heartbeat.

John Ashbaugh, retreat

Essential Information

Minimum 9 participants. Maximum 12 participants.

PRICE: $3,500 to $4,200 for workshop participants depending on accommodations. $2,400 for accompanying non-participants sharing participant's room.

Discount available on the full tuition with 33% deposit by November 30, 2023.


Non-refundable registration fee of $500.

Included:  Full tuition, 7 nights and full board (wine not included), one trip to local market and one dinner at the restaurant Les Sens in Puylaroque. 

Excluded:  Airfares to France. All transportations are at extra cost. Please ask for details.

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