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My Approach

My approach is simple but complex. When you understand how it works for you, nothing will give you more joy than to learn to speak, write and read in French, and at the same time evolve into being and integrating all aspects of your beautiful, creative and authentic self.


For most people learning a language is a difficult task, mostly because it is demanding of our time and brings us to constantly face our limitations. But the often forgotten original purpose of languages is to connect, communicate and share in each other's life, and those are joyful, enriching and stimulating things to do.

For many of us some of the most joyful moments in our lives are when we feel connected to others, to oneself, and when we are not thinking of being anything else but who we are. Those moments are the ones that give us a larger sense of what is possible. They are essential to help us reconnect to our essence and to intimately get to know who we truly are. But they also require us to move past our limitations and, again and again, to trust our learning process.


As a coach and teacher I believe it is my work to help you move beyond blocks, fears, and any limitations keeping you from expanding and enjoying being truly yourself... en français, bien sûr ! My work is to support you into building and trusting your own learning and exploration process and to blossom into joy and creativity. But why is the French language particularly suitable for the inner and outer exploration, you might ask?


The French language is complex and beautiful, its grammar is torturous, its spelling a nightmare and its verbs a maze almost impossible to leave. In other words, French is the perfect playground to use creativity to face challenges and develop true joy at meeting them. Think of it, joy is what makes life precious, and creativity is what helps us blossom into our beautiful selves and see the world with different eyes. But, creativity is also the force allowing the human brain to change and grow, consequently it is how human beings learn new ways to learn, evolve and expand.


When joy and creativity are integral parts of a supportive learning environment, where deep connection and communication are seen as essential, everything is ready for the French language to become an exciting and practical tool to help you discover, expand and blossom in all aspects of who you are... in at least two languages.

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je me réjouis de parler avec vous !

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