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Claude Convers, French Teacher Statement

lets you French soar through  connecting with other and be inspired by stimulating conversations and homework

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Fred Ribe, Claude Convers Student at Bay Area French Lessons

During my three years of lessons with Claude my French has improved a great deal. I find that these weekly sessions have just the right mix of conversation and composition. I look forward to each one.

Fred Ribe, Retired Physicist

What People Are Saying


Taking French with Claude is a whole lot more than just learning French. First off she is a delightful person, full of fun and energy. She always starts stimulating and thoughtful discussions, then there is the homework, always on a wonderfully challenging and evocative subject. I honestly never dreamed I could write the things I have written, never mind in French, and each week I find myself so thoroughly nourished by this creative writing process. I continue to be amazed at how far I've come, and how learning this language in the way Claude teaches it has added a deep and soulful dimension to how I perceive the life around me. The decision to work with Claude has been one of the best and most enriching things I have ever done for myself. I highly recommend her classes—they are a truly fabulous adventure that is the highlight of my week.
— Karen Clothier,

It was a lucky day I discovered the website for Claude Convers! I had recently been in France and wanted to take advantage of the momentum I had gathered speaking French during that trip. I knew that I wanted to have private lessons to force me to talk, and I wanted to find a person who presented themselves in a fun and friendly way… Claude is all of that and more.

Who knew I could discuss politics/cooking/poetry/music/Switzerland/France/life in general… in French! I love the feeling of piecing together the puzzle of speaking French; finding the words, the verb tenses, the fun of finding the right phrases and literally carrying on a lengthy conversation in French, every week. Additionally, I write an “essay” every week, on a subject that Claude gives at the end of each lesson. Always a very satisfying weekly challenge!

Claude is a wonderful teacher who has the innate ability to inspire, instruct, and yet be patient as I work to improve my French, find the words, and become an increasingly confident speaker of the most beautiful language ever!

— Libby McLaren, Performer, Pianist, Singer, Teacher

Claude Convers is a natural born teacher. She radiates enthusiasm and brings a kind of infectious joy to her work. Under Claude’s skillful direction her classes become wide-ranging and thoroughly engaging conversations. The wonder is that one soon finds oneself intelligently discussing all manner of topics en français. Her classes thus go well beyond excellent language instruction to become explorations of the world we live in, of ourselves, and of our roles in the world.

— James Ransom, Professor Emeritus Haverford College



I thought I'd like to pick up my French again. I was barely at the intermediate level and was working with Duolingo online, which I liked, but I knew I needed more. I needed a teacher.

So I went on line to find a teacher who would fit me, a personal trainer kind of teacher, someone to guide me, someone to talk to, someone to give me assignments, someone to give me some positive reinforcement.  That's when I got lucky, because when I went online, I found Claude.  I got real lucky.

Claude speaks French like a native because she is a native, maybe not of France, but of French-speaking Switzerland, and to tell you the truth, that was lucky, too, because I love Switzerland.  Claude brings to me not just the precision of Switzerland, but also warmth of her own making. She is so patient!  She really cares about me, and my French!  It feels like we are progressing together.  We have a conversation for half an hour then we discuss my weekly essay for a half hour, and voilà!  The time has flown by and my French has taken another step forward.

If you can find some open time with Claude, my advice is to pounce on it.  I predict that you will feel as I do, that it was a very happy day when you made this French connection (OK, Swiss connection, but you get the idea.)

— Budd Shenkin, MD




One of my favorite hours of the week is spent learning French with Claude. With humor, curiosity, patience and kindness she has made learning a new language an absolute pleasure, even the dreaded French Grammar! I've improved my French rapidly over the past year; and was able to speak "travel french" with ease during my trip to France a mere three months after beginning lessons. If you're thinking of learning French I recommend Claude whole-heartedly. If you are thinking of learning with Private Lessons—her affordable rates make them a must do! Merci Claude!
— Anjuli Sherin,




Claude Convers made learning French fun! She is patient, intelligent, and a terrific conversationalist. Every class was exciting because we talked about the things that mattered to me personally. After just a few months of practice, I was able to speak conversational French that allowed me to connect with people in my travels through central Africa and, at my return, to give a public presentation in French about that experience. I can’t recommend Claude highly enough.
Michael S., Author




Before I began studying French with Ms. Convers, my vocabulary was limited to merci and bonjour. Now, I have not achieved fluency, but on a recent trip to Paris I discovered that, thanks to my studies, I was conversant and completely unafraid to use my new found but modest linguistic skills to approach even the most haughty of Parisiens.  And they adore Americans who attempt to speak their language!  

— Richard Connerty, aka Monsieur Ganache




French class with Claude is the perfect mix of fun and challenge. My language skills continuously improve, yet the sessions never feel like work. It’s the same every week: we look at the clock and discover class time has flown by. Thanks to Claude, my writing, comprehension and conversational skills are at levels I only once dreamed.

— Nadine Donovan, Author of "Malky Joe and the Great Cruise Caper”




Claude is a result oriented professional whose method creates lively conversations making French seem effortless. She has fine-tuned my spoken, reading, and written French. I recommend Claude to anyone who truly wants to open his or her horizons and enjoy learning the French language.

— Arlene Ori, Tour Guide



During my three years of lessons with Claude my French has improved a great deal. I find that these weekly sessions have just the right mix of conversation
and composition. I look forward to each one.

— Fred Ribe, Retired Physicist



Claude’s style of teaching encourages you not just to speak and write in French, but also to think, reflect and explore in French. Her curiosity and energy are contagious—I couldn’t have imagined that improving my French would be this stimulating and this much fun.

— Valerie Percy, Speech Therapist




Claude’s method of teaching brings the events on one’s daily life and the study of French together in a natural way. She guides her students to progress in a comfortable and flexible environment, often allowing spontaneous exchanges to move the conversation’s direction. The writing assignments are always thought provoking. They can be delightfully revealing and are a great help in developing French skills. Working with her is a very gratifying experience.

— Tim Brennan, Furniture Restoration




With her gentle, intelligent, emotive, sweeping approach to French, Claude has brought me to a fine summit of language knowledge. In a year, I have learned more French than in all of junior high and high school. Merci bien, Claude!

— Sparrow, Poet, Writer, Activist




I will use some French words to describe Claude as a teacher—fantastique and extraordinaire! Every Tuesday evening I sit at her table and converse with classmates as if I were chez des amis à Paris. Claude is an imaginative teacher who uses a variety of tools to launch creative conversation among her students. She is sensitive and gentle, yet never misses an error and is constant in her corrections. Each week she presents me with new challenges, and each week I respond, eagerly. I will always be thankful to Claude for bringing out the best in me.

— Catherine Glass, Cuisinière Cordon Bleu




Claude Convers teaches French the way she lives life—with wonderful, contagious enthusiasm, and clear, perceptive intelligence. She cares for and respects deeply each one of her students. I love to be in our four-person group because each moment engages and challenges. The class is inter-active through discussion, and reading aloud the written pieces we have prepared on thought-provoking topics of her choice. In a relatively short time, all of us have made considerable progress. Learning French with Claude is a revitalizing, rewarding experience!

— Marilyn Reynolds, Artist and Program Director



Do you love to learn French but know that it can be more than just learning a language? If yes, my coaching sessions are for you... those sessions will feed your soul, give you tools, clarity and understandings to integrate in all aspects of your life. But be careful it is so much fun that it could change your life.

No matter your French level, you'll quickly learn to connect to your authentic self and explore your creativity while integrating the French language in your own unique way. The methodology used in our sessions has been developed over two decades as a path to connect deeply to human's innate joyful, curious and expansive nature. While learning and evolving at your own pace, you'll soon find yourself with an increasing sense of calm, curiosity, vitality and expansion... while continuously improving communicating en français !

In addition to regular French lessons you will learn to

Express what you think with confidence

Connect with your creativity and intuition

Expand your state of presence, joy and awareness
Give voice to all aspects of yourself 
Clarify your thoughts, ideas and intentions
Develop your communication skills 

Establish a practice of curiosity and expansion

Integrate French in your everyday life joyfully

Why you really want to do that...

We all know that our brain is very important, just as much as is our body. As we 

Modalities use in addition to French teaching methodology are:

Clinical Meditation and Imagery (CMI), Psychosynthesis, Soul Conversations, Mindful awareness, Active listening, Creative writing, Drawing, Expressive movement, Reiki, Tarot cards

I believe that each person has the right to blossom into their own self and fully embrace their own life... in any languages. I look forward to guiding and supporting you on this journey, and to allow our sessions to unfold in their own special ways.

Contact me any time to schedule an informal 20-minute phone or Zoom conversation. I look forward to speaking with you soon.


À bientôt !


Creatively French Package: 

Five 45-minute sessions — $750
Sessions offered in person, by phone, Skype or Zoom. ​

To speak and write in a foreign language can create the space for the presence, openness, and joyful exploration we need to look at life and experience ourselves differently. In my classes, you will have the space to express and share of yourself in profound and meaningful ways, you will be nurtured by creativity and connection, and gain insights that will never cease to surprise you.


In those classes you can expect to...

Expand your French vocabulary and knowledge

Be inspired by stimulating conversations

Converse in French with increased confidence

Create a collection of essays, memoirs, or poems

Deepen your French writing voice by exploring personal themes
Blossom in a warm and creative


Contact me for a free conversation to find out if those classes are what you are looking for. Je me réjouis de notre conversation.

Monthly sessions

$75 per person per weekly class
2 to 4 persons of similar level

Classes of 75, 90, and 105 minutes

In person in Oakland, CA only

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