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language résumé


Summary of Qualifications

. Used a method involving the creative process and the stimulation of the mind combined

  with the joy of exploration and mindful-awareness

. Created intimate group dynamics and atmospheres to support students’ growth

. Fostered learning through the intellectual process and all the senses for better language



Private French Teacher

Private Practice  |   heart paths
Kingston, NY,  Santa Fe, NM,  Oakland, CA


. Established vibrant environments for conversations based on mutual respect and
  active listening

. Used inspiring discussions and writing topics to stimulate the creative process of students

. Offered techniques to learn and integrate the language at a core level in everyday life

. Supported the understanding of personal strengths and weaknesses in order to succeed

. Assisted students in developing the confidence to speak French in various situations


French Teacher in Schools

Alliance Française de Berkeley  |  Berkeley, CA

Santa Fe Community College  |  Santa Fe, NM

Desert Academy IB School  |  Santa Fe, NM

Waldorf Community School  |  New Paltz, NY

Ulster County Community College  |  Kingston, NY


. Lead French beginners to have basic conversations and write poems within six weeks

. Improved accent and pronunciation through reading and mouth position exercises

. Helped student’s persevere through the various stages of learning a new language

. Introduced Francophile culture and information to strengthen courses

. Developed curriculum based on goals specifications

. Followed curriculum and methods while adding additional creative activities

. Supported individual thinking and personal expression in writing and speaking

. Created exercises, tests, and final exams based on schools and/or IB requirements

. Assisted students with learning difficulties in the use of the language as a creative medium



2002 - present










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2004 - 2005


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