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I came to Claude with a book of poetry I had been working on for several years. Beyond my expectations, her attention to getting my intention through the semantic and syntactic labyrinth between these two languages was precise and penetrating. Working with Claude was a time of personal growth for me, far more than a structural transformation between one language and another, a true dialogue through which one language might say to another, that there is, I think, another way to looking at your words. I am overjoyed with what we have done, and look forward to more encounters in translation with Claude.

John Ashbaugh
Artist, Poet and Author of “EarthTribe Gather”

translation services


I believe that as a translator my work is to respect and relate to your words and being in order to match the feelings and meanings you intended to express.


While in a first language a text can seem evident, in a translation it can come across very differently and the original intention can be lost. To find the appropriate imagery is essential; it is how readers can experience the world beyond the written words. In one of his poem, John Ashbaugh wrote: life thrives within the onion skin membrane of light… He used the term “onion skin” to represent the thin layer of light around planet earth. The image coming across in French was a brown opaque shell. After talking about it, we decided to translate the sentence into: la vie prospère à l’intérieur de cette lumière fine comme un voile… and "the onion skin membrane of light” became “a light thin as a veil” which was the image John had in mind in the first place.

With the use of my coaching skills and experiences as a writer and visual artist you will begin to look at the true meaning of your words in a way you couldn't have in your own language. Then what you wrote on paper will finally match what you had in your mind and your words will find their own light.


I offer French-to-English and English-to-French translation in:
fiction and biography
personal and business correspondence


Contact me for more information.
It will be my pleasure to discover your project and bring it to life in partnership.



     Translation Fees

     Fees and aggrements vary; please contact me for more information.


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